The Durham Bird Club was grown out of the Northumberland, Durham and Newcastle Natural History Society. After an initial period of relative uncertainty in the early 1970s the Club became consolidated in its own right in 1974. The Club has since been responsible for the recording and study of birds in the old vice county of Durham and the production of the county's Annual Report. We did not heed the changes to local government boundaries in the mid-70s and in the interests of maintaining historical continuity to the recording area, we still cover the area south of the River Tyne and north of the Tees, that is south Tyne and Wear, and north Cleveland and also the Startforth District of North Yorkshire, although Teesmouth Bird Club provides a much more focused coverage in the Hartlepool/Stockton area.

The Club is a registered charity (number 515101) and has a steady membership of between 300 and 350 members. We cater for all levels, from the absolute beginner to the dedicated twitcher, from the family to the serious scientist. Our aim is to ensure that everyone gets the maximum enjoyment from their pastime in the County.

The Club is always keen to diversify into areas which we consider to be an essential part of a county bird club's role. The Club has become directly involved in species and habitat conservation and linked with this is an active Projects and Surveys Group, which co-ordinates field work and survey needs. Through our Conservation Officer we contribute responsible comment on local planning issues and the Club liaises closely with local authorities and the offices of RSPB, English Nature, Durham Wildlife Trust and the British Trust for Ornithology.

The Club is ultimately built upon the skill and commitment of its most valuable resource, its membership. People will be the key to our future success and by your input we hope that even more expectations and demands can be met.

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Olive-backed Pipit - Martyn Sidwell

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Tuesday 24th February 2015 21:09

RSPB talk 10 March 2015

Tuesday 10th March - \'Our buzzing North East\' by Kirsty Pollard Kirsty, who is Durham Wildlife Trust’s Worldly Wise Community Education Officer, will give us an overview of the different bees in our region and their valuable contribution to our environment and economy. She will tell us about the different work some environmental organisations are undertaking place to protect pollinators and how you can help support these valuable animals. As usual at the Durham University Science Site Stockton Road DH1 3LE Entry £1.00 All welcome

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