Projects & Surveys Group Aims

  • To increase the knowledge of the county's birds, both for scientific and conservation purposes.
  • To promote participation in survey work, both local and national.
  • To co-ordinate the fieldwork of Club members in order to produce effective results.
  • To improve the fieldwork skills of participants.
  • To publish the results of surveys.

Membership and Operation

The Bird Club's Projects and Surveys are managed by a Group comprising Trina Barrett, Mark Newsome (Club Recorder), John Olley (Club Conservation Officer), and David Sowerbutts (Chair). Alistair McLee represents Teesmouth Bird Club on the Group.

Participation in surveys is open to all Club members and input from others with a beneficial interest in birds is also welcomed. Details of new surveys will be announced in the Club's quarterly magazine The Lek as well as on these web pages.

Types of Survey

Surveys can be categorised in a number of ways.

Local or National

Generally speaking local surveys will be organised by the Club or, occasionally, another conservation body in North East England. For national surveys Club members and others will be contributing local input to surveys run by organisations such as the British Trust for Ornithology, the Hawk and Owl Trust, the JNCC (particularly the Seabird Monitoring Programme) and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

Short-term or Continuing

Some surveys run for one or two seasons; others, such as the Breeding Bird Survey, the Heronries Census and the WeBS counts are repeated every year to achieve detailed monitoring of the species covered.

Single Species or Groups

Both locally and nationally surveys may concentrate on an individual species or on a group. Groups may be defined by families (owls, waders, raptors), by habitat (farmland, woodland, wetland, upland) or by behaviour (migrants). In County Durham monitoring of some species is carried out by the Durham Upland Bird Study Group.

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