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Going Medieval: Britain’s City of Durham and Its Surroundings

Anyone looking for a unique travel destination could do a lot worse than the British city of Durham. And for those with a particular interest in medieval history, Durham represents the ideal holiday choice.

This website is focused entirely on this historic city, which, according to legend, was first founded in the tenth century. Here, visitors can find all they need to know about Durham and its environs, along with the many attractions to be found there.

Drenched in History

Sitting along the River Wear, Durham is located in north-eastern England, roughly 30 kilometres south of the city of Newcastle. It is home to the majestic Durham Cathedral (featured in the first two Harry Potter films) and the Norman-era Durham Castle.

Sightseers can also visit Crook Hall, a picturesque manor house dating back to the 13th century. And just south of the river, visitors can explore the vast campus of Durham University, which contains a botanical garden teeming with exotic plant life.

The campus also houses Durham’s world-class Oriental Museum, famous for its impressive Middle Eastern and Asian artefacts.


The city is surrounded by green, rolling hills, peppered with dozens of quaint little villages between the Tyne and Tees rivers. Like the city itself, Durham’s outskirts contain several notable attractions, including the medieval Barnard Castle marketplace and the 170-year-old Yarm Viaduct.

Anyone considering a trip to Durham should take advantage of the information this website provides, including lists of the city’s best hotels and eateries to ensure an unforgettable travel experience.