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Aug 30, 2017

Brasside Ponds


Visit today produced a record 26 Mandarin Ducks - the most ever seen in the county. I suspect they have been there all summer as most were still coming out of moult. There were 13 there in June but I have only seen small numbers since probably because they have been favouring the largest and most densely vegetated island. Now they are back on the smaller more thinly vegetated island so easier to see. They usually stay until about late October.

Aug 30, 2017Edited: Aug 30, 2017

that's excellent - good to hear some positive local bird news !


This is a cropped digi-scoped image (taken at 80m range), at Brasside Oct 2013 showing how unobtrusive they can be (4 possibly 5 birds in image).



Sep 9, 2017

New record - 28 this morning. 23 on small island and 5 on small pond. I suspect there are over 30 as most of the island is still covered in foliage and impossible to view. The males are pretty much back in breeding plumage. Also at least 2 kingfishers - lots of activity, 7 Jay, buzzard, 3 bullfinch, stock dove and first wigeon of the autumn

Sep 9, 2017

excellent ! - have you had them breed on the ponds ? (I'm missing 8/10 of the most recent A/Reports)

Christopher Hackworth
Sep 13, 2017

you got a postcode for this area?

Sep 13, 2017Edited: Sep 14, 2017







Access by vehicle along track between Frankland Jail & Low Newton Remand Centre,

Park in area before smallholding / kennels.

Walk round - access the ponds via blue marker on 3rd map link above.


Park in Durham nr Crook Hall and walk 2.5km north through Frankland Farm to ponds, with selection of farmland, wood scrub & riverside species.

Sep 22, 2017

Getting more difficult to count them as they are moving around more, but seemed to be 28 mandarin on or near small island, 8 flew out from large island and 4 on small pond. Singles flying around but probably from the above 3 groups. Also 8 female pintail - a very good count for Brasside, though 4 departed east.

Sep 23, 2017

Big Four Zero - Great !

I reckon a couple of nest boxes may be worth a try on the islands Duncan......

Sep 25, 2017

If I bump into the owners, I will discuss this

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