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Aug 1, 2017

New Nightjar locations 2017


A pleasing by-product of this Summers Owl Surveying in Western Durham has been the discovery of new Nightjar locations.


Away from the known locations at Stang, Knitsley & Hamsterley, we have located 3 clear fell sites ranging in size from 18 to 30 ha which have held a minimum of 8 churring males.


The 2016 DBC Annual Report states re Nightjar "...was again very poorly reported...." and summarises "....remains difficult to make any meaningful assessment of the population that may be present....."


Playing devils advocate....... i'd suggest that Nightjar may well be one of the easiest species to survey accurately, as its breeding habitat is so restricted & easily identifiable.......?

What do you think ?


There is still plenty of time to get out & enjoy these spectacular birds this season - they will still be on eggs at this stage & remain with us into September.

This active nest photograph is from 2nd August a couple of years ago. (VC66)


Its clear that without targeted effort, even exciting & enigmatic species like Nightjar will, even in this day & age continue to remain somewhat of an enigma for us as Durham Birdwatchers.

A female Nightjar in West Durham.



The end of a long night Way Out West.

Aug 9, 2017

Who'd have thought....

Just been reading about a South Yorks bird, Thorne Moors (Doncaster) a male sat-tagged Nightjar that in 12 days this summer visited Lincolnshire, Cambs, Norfolk, Wiltshire, Wales, Birmingham, Cotswolds, then back to Thorne Moors......


Aug 10, 2017Edited: Aug 10, 2017

3+ Male Nightjars putting on a good show, out & busy Churring & Wing clapping from 21:00

A pretty cold, calm night with Midges few & far between - dying off completely by 21:30

Missed last weeks full moon, but it got up big & bright in a clear sky, casting long shadows as it rose.

I was hoping for a photo of a perched bird silhouetted against the moon - but it didn't come off.

On the way out 2 brown winged birds followed one another feeding along the edge of the plantation - perhaps a female & fledged juv or maybe 2 juvs ?

After an hour a family of Tawnies moved out onto the open ground & the NJar activity ceased.


on the way home.

Aug 10, 2017

a snippet I forgot to add to the initial post :-


1 of these new areas is a clear felled site which has been replanted with *deciduous trees*. (approx. 15ha)


All Nightjar sites ive seen in the County are either commercial spruce / fir crops or areas of coniferous natural re-gen with Scots Pine etc.

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